Courses for school staff

  • Boy playing rugby - largeAsthma is a leading cause of absenteeism in students and a common reason for hospital admissions in children under 12. It is important school staff can recognise asthma symptoms and manage a suspected asthma attack at school.

    The Asthma Foundation ACT provides comprehensive and evidence based asthma training to schools. Training is provided at no cost to schools through the Australian Government's Asthma Child and Adolescent Program.

    Training remains current for 3 years and meets one of the four criteria required for recognition as an Asthma Friendly School. In a free one hour workshop, our registered trainers teach school staff about asthma, covering the following topics

    • About Asthma (what is asthma, signs and symptoms, triggers, medicines, delivery devices and asthma plans)
    • Asthma At School (enrolling students with asthma, asthma and exercise, regulations and policies)
    • Asthma First Aid (equipment, signs and symptoms of an asthma emergency, effectively performing asthma first aid)

    Who is the course is suitable for?

    • It is highly recommended that all school staff attend the session including school administration staff, school nurses and first officers attend. In the event of an asthma emergency, these staff members are often called upon to assist students.
    • Note: The 1 hour asthma training workshop does not meet the National Regulations but is suitable as a refresher course for staff.Asthma Foundation ACT offers an in depth, nationally accredited Emergency Asthma Management Course, suitable for staff holding key positions and preschool staff looking for ACEQA approved training.

    Delivery Options

    The course is available free of charge and can be delivered face to face, accessed online or a mixture of both depending on preference and availability.

    Face to face delivery

    Duration:1 hour

    Cost: Free (note - free workshops are limited to one school for three years and are dependent on the availability of a trainer.Additional workshops can be arranged however fees may apply). 

    To receive Asthma First Aid training at your school, click here to complete a training request form, once completed please return the form via email. Every effort will be made to accommodate your training preferences. Final details for the training will be confirmed by the Asthma Foundation ACT by email.


    Cost: Free

    A national e-learning training package is available for Australian school staff. Talk to the Program Coordinator about online training for your school by phoning 1800 ASTHMA (1800 278 462)

    Access the National e-learning Training Package


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