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    • Asthma Australia Annual Report 2013

      Asthma Australia and its eight member Asthma Foundations continue to provide a high level of support to people with asthma, their caregivers, health professionals and the broader community. For over fifty years Asthma Foundations have offered a suite of services that deliver real outcomes for those people living with the disease.

      We are pleased to have played our part in the reduction of deaths from asthma from 3,000+ Australians in the late 1970s and early 80s to an average of 400 in the past three years. Whilst 400 deaths remains a tragedy, it is clear that much more needs to be done to support the hundreds of thousands of Australians with uncontrolled or poorly controlled asthma.

      Asthma must remain a national health priority. A quarter of a century later evidence clearly demonstrates that the disease continues to have a profound health, social, and economic impact on people living with asthma.

      Twenty-five years ago Asthma Foundations recognised the need to unite behind one peak body and combine their efforts. In doing so Asthma Foundations joined forces to create a national voice, Asthma Australia.

      Asthma Australia continues to work in partnership with a wide range of agencies to reduce the burden of disease, identify new means of helping patients manage their asthma and by providing funding to researchers as part of the global effort to find a cure.

      Our role in asthma research is particularly important acknowledging our fifty year legacy as world leaders in sponsoring research. As one of the largest non-government funders of asthma research we are uniquely positioned to translate findings into:

      • program priorities
      • patient care and support
      • health practitioner training and education
      • community resources and information
      • policy formation and health system improvements
      • increased community awareness.

      Asthma Australia is incredibly fortunate to have a small and very dedicated national office team who work incredibly hard with the staff of Asthma Foundations to achieve our mission.

      In March 2013 Ms Debra Kay resigned as Chief Executive Officer of Asthma Australia after four years of outstanding leadership. During this time Debra made a significant and lasting contribution to our organisation’s reform and her dedication and passion for and on behalf of people with asthma is gratefully acknowledged.

      The next three years present an exciting opportunity to further reform our organisations and deliver increased, more focussed and impactful support for people with asthma. Setting aside State and Territory borders and working collaboratively on agreed strategy, which is aligned with localised issues, will drive further reform and strengthen our capacity and sustainability. I thank the National Board and our State and Territory Boards for the willingness to advance our common cause.

      I commend this report to you and once again thank our partners, supporters, donors and staff for their support.

      Terry Evans
      Asthma Australia

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