Annual Report

    • I am delighted, on behalf of the Board of Asthma Australia, to present our Annual Report. 2013-2014 is the first year of a five year strategic reform program and this year is perhaps best described as a period of investigation and consolidation. Asthma Australia’s Board has asked the National Leadership Team and National Office to deliver two key priorities:

      • Lead the asthma cause
      • Add value to our member Asthma Foundations.

      Both strategic imperatives are aligned in a new Corporate Plan unanimously agreed upon by all State and Territory Asthma Foundations and their Chief Executive Officers in November 2013.

      The reform delivered this year focused on two key areas:

      • A whole of organisation commitment to transitioning our services from program ‘output’ reporting to program ‘outcome’ reporting, or in other words what impact are we having? Funded by tax-payer provided grants, corporate funding and donations, our generous supporters deserve to know if our services are making a demonstrated difference in the lives of people with asthma. This is best evidenced by the first Australia-wide independent staff engagement survey, supported by all Asthma Foundations, which identified that evaluation and change management are important to ensure our continuing effectiveness.
      • At the request of Asthma Foundations, a review of national and state roles and responsibilities was commenced. This review is part of a continuing process of defining the most appropriate governance arrangements within the federated operating environment. Whilst ultimately the form and function of Asthma Australia is a matter for Asthma Foundations, it is fair to report that Foundations themselves have not yet achieved consensus on the role of Asthma Australia. This work will continue over the next twelve months.

      The challenges of operating in a country as large and diverse as Australia, and within a federated governance structure, means that reform takes time and careful consideration. Delivery on our key priorities requires leadership and at times goodwill and compromise at both National and State level.

      Our national team has continued to deliver outstanding value to Asthma Foundations and our other major stakeholder, the Commonwealth Department of Health.

      Our organsational influence is acknowledged by several peak bodies and by the Commonwealth Government who continued to fund Asthma Australia to deliver the Asthma Management Program. In keeping with our stated objectives funds have been quarantined for measuring the impact of the programs delivered by Asthma Foundations. Independent evaluators are now in place to support both National and State program leaders and we look forward to better understanding if programs are making a difference in improving the quality of life for people with asthma and if so, whether this is sustained over time.

      Sponsorship and donations revenue has grown, with more funds directed to our National Asthma Research Trust. Importantly the growth in income has seen a decrease in membership levies for Asthma Foundations for the first time in over ten years. New resources and funds have been provided to Asthma Foundations to deliver their core services with the success of the World Asthma Day Symposia an outstanding example of national leadership delivering a return to its members.

      Can I acknowledge and thank my fellow Board Members for their support and encouragement and also our national staff, led by Mark Brooke, our Chief Executive Officer, for their leadership and hard work over the past 12 months.

      I commend this report to you.

      Terry Evans
      Asthma Australia

      Asthma Australia 2013-14 Annual Report 

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