Children and asthma

  • Children and asthma

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    Asthma in young children is one of the most common causes of hospital admission and visits to the doctor in this age group.

    However it is not easy to diagnose asthma in children under 5 years old as there are many reasons for wheezing and coughing at that age.

    Once diagnosis is decided, often treatment is with trials of different doses of medication. Parents often ask about whether changes to a child’s bedding or diet is needed.

    The aim of good asthma management is to ensure that children can lead a normal healthy life, while taking only as much medication as is needed to keep them well, and avoid asthma attacks .

    Children can also spend periods of time away from home. It is important that the people around your child are aware if they have asthma, and know how to recognise symptoms and what to do in an emergency. Parents can provide friends and family with a copy of their child’s asthma action plan and asthma first aid information to help them be prepared. 

    Children’s services and schools play an important role in supporting children with asthma, and they can also access resources and training.

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