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  • Asthma affects 1 in 10 children in Australia and many of these children attend care services every day. It is important that staff in these services have a good understanding of asthma and have strategies in place to protect the health and welfare of these children by minimising the impact of asthma and the risk of asthma emergencies. Staff should be able to recognise when a child is having an asthma attack and what to do in an asthma emergency. Having the right knowledge and acting quickly could save a life.

    Asthma Foundation NT offers three different courses for children's services to educate and up skill their staff.

    Emergency Asthma Management for Children's Services(10392NAT) is a three hour nationally accredited course aimed at educating workers in children's services in the recognition and management of a child with asthma. This course has been approved by the Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) as meeting the requirements for emergency asthma management training in the National Regulations for Early Childhood Education and Care.

    Anaphylaxis Awareness for Children's Services(10313NAT) is a three hour nationally accredited, competency based training course approved under the new national regulations. This course provides participants with the necessary knowledge and practical skills to recognise, treat and manage a severe life-threatening allergic reaction - anaphylaxis. Completion of this course enables childcare services to meet the Anaphylaxis qualification requirement as stated in the National Regulations for Early Childhood Education and Care.

    Asthma Friendly Childcare Training is a one hour course that  provides all childcare staff with key information to support asthma management on a daily basis. Asthma Foundation NT (AFNT) recommends that all staff in your service complete this training to gain a basic understanding of asthma and asthma first aid. On completion of this training AFNT will support your service to achieve Asthma Friendly status.


    Asthma Child & Adolescent Program (ACAP) Training

    1 hour

    The Australian Government provides funding through the national Asthma Child and Adolescent Program to deliver a free 1 hour asthma training session for school/preschool staff.

    This course enables staff to recognise symptoms and triggers of asthma, use reliever medication appropriately, perform asthma first aid and understand policies in relation to asthma in the school setting.

    It is available free of charge to all schools and those preschools that have a structured education program for four year olds.

    Who should attend?

    It is highly recommended that all school/preschool staff attend the session including the administration staff as they are often called upon for assistance by students.




    This course is held at your school/preschool at a date and time to suit your needs.
    School /preschool staff meetings and pupil free days are the most popular occasions for training. Please ensure that you book training well in advance if you are requesting training on a pupil free day as these dates are in high demand.

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