School staff

  • School_SettingA one-hour asthma first aid training session is available for all staff of Queensland schools through the Australian Government’s Asthma Child and Adolescent Program.

    This course enables staff to:

    • recognise the signs and symptoms of worsening asthma
    • know how to appropriately use blue reliever medication (such as Ventolin)
    • be able to effectively perform asthma first aid
    • understand the Queensland Government regulation governing the administration of blue reliever medication in schools – who can and who can’t administer blue reliever.

    Completion of this training session satisfies the specific learning objectives of an asthma management course under S256B(1) of the Health (Drugs and  Poisons) Regulation 1996, in order to administer asthma medication for first aid. Further information regarding approved asthma management courses is available here. Information on the application of this Regulation to schools is available here

    Who should attend?

    Asthma Foundation Queensland encourages all teachers, especially physical education teachers, administration staff, school nurses and first aid officers, to attend. In the event of an asthma emergency, these staff members are often called upon to assist students. 


    The workshop is available free of charge.
    Note: Free face-to-face training is limited to one session every three years and is dependent on the availability of an educator.
    Online training options can be arranged in areas where no educators are available.


     Individual School Workshops

    To receive asthma first aid training at your school, click here to complete a Training Request Form, once completed please return the form via email. Every effort will be made to accommodate your training preferences. Final details for the training will be confirmed by our Education team (Asthma Child and Adolescent Program).

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