Asthma Survey

  • Understanding the needs of people with asthma
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    The Asthma Foundation is committed to understanding and championing the needs of people with asthma. We know that credible asthma information is highly sought after but often difficult to find. We believe a key role of the Foundation is to provide the community with up to date information on asthma and its management.

    Woolcock Institute of Medical Research study the needs and attitudes of people with asthma

    The Asthma Foundation commissioned the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research to undertake the largest ever study into the needs and attitudes of people with asthma in NSW. Around 700 people participated in the study.

    We learnt that poor asthma control is a problem for many people in NSW, and were surprised to discover that even people taking regular ‘preventer’ medications had poorly controlled asthma. View our results to find out more.

    NSW Asthma Survey Final

    For people with asthma - what you told us you wanted to know

    The following downloadable ‘Information for people with asthma’ resource provides information and support to assist you in better managing your (or your child’s) asthma. It answers questions like:

    • What triggers my asthma and how do I avoid these triggers?
    • What should I do in an asthma attack?
    • Which asthma medication/s should I be using, and when?
    • What’s being done to support research to help day to day living with asthma, preventation and ultimately a cure?
    • How can I be sure all places I go to, or send my child to, have the latest asthma information and can assist in an emergency situation?

    Information for people with asthma

    For health professionals - what we learnt about the needs of your patients

    The following downloadable resource ‘Information for health professionals’ highlights key findings from the survey, and shows how asthma actually affects the lives of people living with the condition.

    It takes a look at:

    • Factors which are contributing to poor asthma control
    • The impact poor asthma control has on people’s lives
    • Problems which interfere with asthma management
    • The impact of poor asthma control on health care utilisation in NSW?
    • Where people with asthma obtain their information?

    Information for health professionals

    Please refer your patients to the Asthma Foundation’s website, email newsletter ‘onAIR’ and the Asthma Information Line on 1800 ASTHMA (1800 278 462), to assist them in better understanding the nature of the condition, and how they can best manage it to lead a full and active life.

Please let us know which state you are in so we can provide you with the most relevant information: