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    • Signature - largeThe Constitutions of the Asthma Foundations provide for the creation of various classes of members, whose rights and obligations are set out there. For some categories of members the obligations include the payment of an annual fee, while others created as life members are not obliged to pay such a fee.

      Historically, many of our current members have regarded their annual fee as a donation to support the charitable work of the Foundation.

      The Foundation is constitutionally obliged to keep records of its members, provide them with notice of key events such as the Annual General Meeting, and with copies of key information such as the Annual Financial and other Reports. These obligations have been met, although we have moved a lot of our communication to an online method.

      The members are the moral owners of the not-for-profit Foundation, in that no dividends or financial recompense can be provided to them under our rules. Membership is one of the sustaining relationships for an organisation such as ours.

      The Foundation's membership arrangements are currently not working as well as they should, reflecting the combined effects of a series of historical decisions and the need for a review and revision of the processes involved to be carried out.

      This review will address the status of current memberships, the fees to be charged and the processes for doing so, and the benefits to be provided to members for their fee, in a context where many services previously provided only to members are now or will shortly be available for free from the Foundations website. Gaining the views of current members will be essential to that process.

      Planning is underway to carry out a review, and more information will be provided on this page in the future.

Please let us know which state you are in so we can provide you with the most relevant information: