Research has revolutionised the lives of people with asthma


Hope's Story

Danielle Carnevali lost her eldest daughter to asthma during the Thunderstorm Asthma event in Melbourne.  Hope passed away at home whilst waiting for an ambulance.  She was 20 years old.

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Danielle has learned a lot about asthma and how it can be treated and managed from her experience.  She wants more to be done to educate people and children about the risks and consequences of asthma. 

She recounted a story of a time Hope was admitted to hospital and shared a space with a child with cancer.  “I said to the Doctor how bad I felt because the child with cancer might die and Hope only has asthma,” Danielle said.  “The doctor kind of admonished me – he said it was about time I woke up to just how serious Hope’s condition was because asthma could kill my daughter.” 

This was a timely if uncomfortable jolt about the reality of asthma. “I think many people don’t understand just how serious asthma can be.  I mean, we were managing Hope’s asthma well and it still didn’t prevent the attack that took her.”  We need to work hard to find better treatments and maybe even a cure.”

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