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Asthma Information

Seasonal asthma - my son only gets asthma in the winter. Does he really need to take a preventer?

A friend says I should give my little boy 2 puffs of blue reliever before his Flixotide preventer and that way it will work better. Is this true?

E-cigarettes - are they OK to use?

Flu - how does it affect asthma?

I don’t use a preventer, but I have been using my reliever more often. Is that OK?

I had a cold about 6 weeks ago and have had a dry, irritating cough ever since. I don’t have asthma and my doctor says not to worry. Do you think it could be asthma?

My elderly mother is having problems using her reliever puffer because she has arthritis in her hands. Any suggestions to help her would be much appreciated.

My son’s asthma is well controlled and he rarely uses his blue reliever puffer. The script for his preventer has run out and since he has been so well I thought I would give him a break for a while and see what happens. I really don’t like him taking medication continually. Am I doing the right thing?

Occupational asthma - I have suffered from hayfever since I was a child and usually manage it with antihistamines. However about nine months ago I started a job in the home insulation industry and in the last few months I have started to wheeze and cough when I’m on the job. I seem OK on my days off though. Is this related to my hayfever problem or could I now have asthma?

Over the last 9 months my asthma has been really bad. The problem started after a bad cold and my doctor changed me from Pulmicort 100mcg to 400mcg and added Oxis 12 mcg. When that didn’t help he started me on Symbicort 100/6mcg and now I am up to 400/12mcg 2 puffs three times/day. I am still coughing at night and really getting fed up with struggling to breathe. My doctor has given me 3 lots of oral prednisone over this time and that has worked for about a week whilst I’m taking it and then it’s bad again. What can I do?

Pregnancy and asthma - I have just discovered I'm pregnant. Should I stop taking my asthma medication?

The indicator on my Turbuhaler never turns red. What should I do?

Why does my asthma get worse when I have hayfever?

Will asthma medication change my voice? I have been using a combination preventer inhaler for the past 3 months and my voice has changed. Do you think it is caused by the medication?


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