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Manage your asthma

Managing your asthma means taking control of your health so that you can live a full and active life. While asthma can’t be cured, for most people it can be well controlled, which means hardly any symptoms or flare-ups, or limits to your lifestyle. With the correct knowledge, skills and medication you can do just about anything - asthma shouldn't stop you! 

Your asthma medicine - The key way asthma is managed is with inhaled medicines – make sure you know what your medicine does and why you are taking it. Read more...

How to use your puffer - The way you take your medicine is the most important thing, otherwise you won’t be getting the right dose in the right place. Read more...

Controlling asthma - What is normal? Find out if your asthma is under control or if you can take steps to improve it. Read more...

Common concerns - Including side effects, worries about steroids, asthma in pregnancy and anaphylaxis. Read more...

Spacers - Using a spacer with a puffer makes it easier to take the medicine, and also gets more of the medicine into the lungs so it works better. Read more...

Who can help? - You’re not on your own in this. Where to find help and support. Read more...

Complementary therapies - What science shows works, and what doesn’t. Read more...

Triggers - There are lots of things that can set off your asthma – what can you do about it? Read more...

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