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Third Party Provider Information

Asthma Australia Ltd is a registered training organisation (Provider Number 4987) which works with training organisations and organisations who conduct in-house training for employees to deliver nationally accredited courses under the auspice of Asthma Australia.

What is a Third-party Provider?

Third-party providers are organisations that enter a service level memorandum of understanding with Asthma Australia to deliver Nationally Accredited Training to their own clients or to inhouse staff without having to become their own RTO.

Third-party Providers can deliver all accredited training that Asthma Australia has registered on its scope of registration, provided that the trainers under the agreement meet the requirements to train under the standards of registration.

Asthma Australia will look after the compliance requirements and accreditation with the Australian Skills Quality Authority. Third-party providers are required to follow Asthma Australia’s policies and procedures when delivering training under our auspice.

Third-party Providers have access to all required training resources, including our online training portal to deliver the training to their clients, these resources include; PowerPoint Presentations, assessment tools, session plans and more.

Third-party providers are required to agree to the terms outlined in and sign memorandum of understanding with Asthma Australia prior to the partnership being approved. Asthma Australia does not limit Third-party providers to only having an agreement with us, if the Third-party provider follows the memorandum of understanding. Third-party providers can cancel the agreement at any time, however Asthma Australia requires 30 business days to allow for notification to ASQA the partnership has ceased.

Asthma Australia provides ongoing support for its Trainers and Third-Party Providers and can provide a network for organisations to source Asthma Australia approved trainers and assessors.

Cost to become a Third-party Provider

There is no cost to enter into a Third-party Provider agreement with Asthma Australia, and no annual fee. Third-party providers are required to purchase student resources from Asthma Australia to use when delivering the courses. Having all Third-party providers using resources and assessment tools developed by Asthma Australia, ensures consistency in training and assessment for all students.

The cost of the resources varies per course and level of kit ordered. However, the cost of certificate production and compliance / accreditation is included in the cost of the resources.

Example of cost of resources:

—Emergency Asthma Management | From $16.50 per student
—Allergy and Anaphylaxis Awareness | From $13.50 per student
—Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation | From $12.50 per student
—First Aid Units | From $23.50 per student

For a complete breakdown of resource costs see our resource cost page.

Online Training and Bookings

Asthma Australia offers Third-party providers the option to deliver training as a mixed mode delivery using its online training portal.

Third-party providers can load their clients into specific courses, for them to complete pre-learning and written assessments prior to attending the face to face practical component.

Asthma Australia also utilises VETenrol, which allows trainers to pre-register upcoming courses and have their clients enrol directly into the course eliminating the need for enrolment forms and AVETMISS data / USI collection on the day of the course.

This online enrolment system allows for quicker turn around when producing certificates and fewer mistakes with AVETMISS data entry.

Compliance Reporting

Asthma Australia will comply with all the legislating and regulatory requirements associated with being a Registered Training Organisation, if / when these requirements change, Asthma Australia will inform Third-party providers of the changes and required action the Third-party providers must take.

Processing Orders and Certificates

Asthma Australia has two office locations where resources are certificates are processed out of. Our main training facility is located in West Melbourne and process orders and certificates for the east of Australia, whilst our Adelaide office process orders for the centre and west.

Resource orders are packed daily, and all orders need to be placed by 4.00PM to be distributed the next business day. Resource pick up is available from our West Melbourne office only, however orders must be placed the day before picking up.

Using our online enrolment system certificates are produced within 48 hours of Asthma Australia receiving the course paperwork for completeness checking. Certificates are then posted directly back to the Third-party provider for distribution to their clients.

Third-party providers can request Asthma Australia email password protected certificates to their clients, if there is a foreseen need, prior to hard copies being received

Co-branding and Promotion

Asthma Australia, offers Third-party Providers the option of co-branding their certificates with their logos. This helps with brand recognition and clients remembering who provided their training.

Third-party providers can also can have their business details listed on our website, Asthma Australia also refers clients to our Third-party provides where we;

—Can’t deliver the training due to location or class numbers;
—Don’t have specific courses on our scope (only if the Third-party provider has an agreement with another RTO)


Asthma Australia provides Third-party Providers with all required course documents needed to deliver the courses; these include but are not limited to:

—PowerPoint Presentations
—Assessments and course paperwork
—Session plans
—Trainer notes
—Student workbooks
—Asthma Spacers

Asthma Australia works closely with medical peak bodies and the Australian Resuscitation Council when developing its course resources, to ensure latest, factual and correct information is delivered to all students.

Asthma Australia also exchange student resources purchased by Third-party Providers if or when major updates are made at no additional cost to the Third-party provider except postage for the new resources.

Professional Development

Trainers and Assessors registered to deliver training for an under the auspice of Asthma Australia are required to update their knowledge and skills through ongoing Professional Development in the area of the courses they deliver. Asthma Australia provides a range of professional development opportunities, including workshops, conferences, seminars, online courses.

Some of these professional development opportunities do in tale a cost, whilst others are free. Asthma Australia also recognises professional development that trainers and assessors may undertake with other organisations and their workplaces.

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