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4 Apr 2017
Asthma WA partners with Health Navigator to link up the Wheatbelt through opt-out shared electronic health records
Asthma WA, in partnership with the WA Country Health Service and WA Primary Health Alliance, has developed a program utilising Telehealth technology to reach those needing our services in rural and re ...
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31 Mar 2017
Cyclone Debbie's impact on asthma
Weather events such as Cyclone Debbie can cause asthma to flare-up, sometimes resulting in severe or life-threatening asthma symptoms.
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31 Mar 2017
Asthma Australia activates emergency plan to provide free asthma medication for cyclone affected communities
Asthma Australia is working in partnership with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia to provide information and extra supplies of medication, donated by GSK, to pharmacies in cyclone affected areas. Pe ...
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31 Mar 2017
Survey shows high impact of flu on people with asthma but low vaccination rate amongst children
Asthma Australia is urging people with asthma to be vaccinated against the flu to help them avoid prolonged sickness and time off work and school, based on new survey data.
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24 Mar 2017
New research suggests breath test could prevent asthma in babies
They're not exactly sure why it works, but Australian researchers say managing an asthmatic mum's condition with a simple breath test can reduce the risk of passing on asthma to her baby.
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21 Mar 2017
Thunderstorm survey results show asthma awareness needed to save lives
The survey responses show many people had asthma symptoms that were totally unexpected and quickly became serious. Because so many did not have an asthma diagnosis, they did not know what was happenin ...
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8 Mar 2017
Asthma affects women differently to men
It’s International Women's Day on March 8 – and a chance to put a spotlight on the female experience of asthma.
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3 Mar 2017
Deb's Story
Diagnosed with asthma at 9 years of age, Deb Ireson had been symptom free for years.
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27 Feb 2017
Landmark study to predict and prevent asthma launched
In a landmark study, researchers from the NIHR Southampton Respiratory Biomedical Research Unit, will analyse the genes which increase asthma risk.
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27 Feb 2017
E-Cigarette smoke a trigger for asthma research suggests
Researchers from University of Western Australia and Telethon Kids Institute WA have produced some surprising results about the effect of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarette) and asthma.
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