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24 Mar 2017
Breath test could prevent asthma in babies
A simple breath test on pregnant women with asthma can significantly reduce the incidence of the illness in their babies, according to new research.
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21 Mar 2017
Thunderstorm survey results show asthma awareness needed to save lives
The survey responses show many people had asthma symptoms that were totally unexpected and quickly became serious. Because so many did not have an asthma diagnosis, they did not know what was happenin ...
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8 Mar 2017
Asthma and Women
It’s International Women's Day on March 8 – and a chance to put a spotlight on the female experience of asthma.
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3 Mar 2017
Deb's Story
Diagnosed with asthma at 9 years of age, Deb Ireson had been symptom free for years.
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27 Feb 2017
New study to predict and prevent asthma
In a landmark study, researchers from the NIHR Southampton Respiratory Biomedical Research Unit, will analyse the genes which increase asthma risk.
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27 Feb 2017
E-Cigarette smoke a trigger for asthma research suggests
Researchers from University of Western Australia and Telethon Kids Institute WA have produced some surprising results about the effect of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarette) and asthma.
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27 Feb 2017
Asthma WA funds research into intrauterine growth restriction and it's impact on asthma
Early results from an Asthma Foundation WA (AFWA) funded trial looking at the link between intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) and increased airway smooth muscle mass leading to the risk of asthma ...
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20 Feb 2017
Every Breath Matters - February 2017
This Issue: — Ask us about asthma — Asthma first aid training — Did you know? — Asthma Friendly Zoos SA — Membership — FREE Masterclasses — Kids Asthma Masterclass reviews!
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19 Jan 2017
Asthma Australia urges better compliance with guidelines following misdiagnosis research
Asthma Australia is urging doctors to use objective lung function tests to diagnose asthma after research shows misdiagnosis rates may be high. A Canadian study1 released today shows that one third o ...
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16 Jan 2017
Car enthusiasts raise funds for Asthma Foundation WA
One of Asthma Foundation WA (AFWA)’s major sponsors Big Rock Toyota in Balcatta are showing their support to the not-for-profit health provider by including them in their upcoming scrutineering event ...
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