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Executive of the Year award recognises strong leadership supporting Australians with asthma

CANBERRA: Danielle Dal Cortivo, CEO of Asthma Foundations ACT and Victoria, has been selected as Executive of the Year in the Canberra Women in Business awards.

Ms Dal Cortivo has led the ACT organisation for three years. She took over leadership of the Victorian foundation earlier this year shortly after the devastating thunderstorm asthma event in Melbourne.

During her tenure, Ms Dal Cortivo has boosted funding for both foundations and expanded their services. She continues to work closely with the Victorian government on the thunderstorm asthma response and future activities.

Ms Dal Cortivo said: “I’m thrilled to receive this award and feel that it recognises not only my work but also our excellent teams at the Asthma Foundations who work so hard to help people with asthma to improve their lives. Asthma affects 11 percent of Australians and we continue to fight for progress on treatment, education and one day a cure for asthma.”

Asthma affects 2.5 million Australians, around 11 percent of the population.

Progress has been made in recent decades due to investment in research to develop new and improved therapies however, around 400 people still die each year because of asthma.

Asthma deaths are not limited to the most severe cases, people with mild asthma can still be caught out by a sudden asthma attack.  Many things can trigger an attack, which may develop suddenly and can be life threatening.

When asthma is consistently well managed, the frequency of symptoms and risk of severe, life-threatening attacks are reduced.

The work of Asthma Foundations is vital in providing information and support to the community to ensure they understand the condition and to enable people with asthma to manage their asthma effectively.

The Asthma Foundations of ACT and Victoria are members of Asthma Australia, led by CEO Michele Goldman.

Ms Goldman said; “We need progressive and innovative ways to tackle asthma going forward. Passionate, smart and determined leaders like Danielle ensure the Asthma Foundations continue to challenge the status quo, to make further progress possible. On behalf of the entire team, we congratulate Danielle on this well-deserved acknowledgement of her courageous and inspiring leadership.”

Ms Dal Cortivo also founded Canberra charity raize the roof around 8 years ago, which raises funds to help sick and disadvantaged children in Australia and Botswana.   


Media enquiries: Annette Stenhouse 0416 861 732

Danielle Dal Cortivo is available for interview.

About Asthma Foundation Victoria and Asthma Foundation ACT

The organisations are the peak consumer bodies for people with asthma in both states.

Services provided include: 

  • 1800 Asthma (1800 278 462)—a free telephone information service;
  • provision of free asthma related information and resources;
  • free face to face practical community information sessions;
  • information for schools, preschools, students and parents to understand and manage asthma flare-ups;
  • support and education for health professionals;
  • creating asthma friendly environments like sporting, recreational, educational and care settings, ensuring they can undertake best practice asthma management and know Asthma First Aid.

Visit for more information.

About raize the roof

raize the roof is a charity founded by young Canberrans passionate about improving the lives of children who are ‘less lucky’ than most. Powered by inspiration, innovation and dedication, the raize the roof team along with the Canberra community will assist local children who are suffering from illness and also children of the world who are orphaned due to disease or circumstance.

With the assistance of fundraising, donations and our amazing volunteers, the raize the roof team will build the raize the roof Charity House in Canberra or Queanbeyan with a goal of generating a profit over $500,000 once the house is auctioned.

Half of the proceeds from the house will be donated to the Starlight Children Foundation to support seriously ill children in the ACT and surrounding NSW region.

The other half of the proceeds will go towards supporting SOS Children’s Villages, Botswana to support orphaned and vulnerable children.

For more information visit:

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