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14 Nov 2017
Save a life this spring, learn thunderstorm asthma first aid
Asthma Australia Ltd is urging people to learn the asthma first aid steps as the anniversary of last year’s tragic thunderstorm asthma event approaches.
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17 Oct 2017
Study Reveals Dangers of ‘Quick Fix’ Asthma Treatment
People with asthma who only use ‘quick fix’ reliever puffers could be running the gauntlet with their health, according to new research showing one in four require urgent medical treatment every year.
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16 Oct 2017
Workers’ comp claims just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to occupational asthma
Illness and time off due to asthma at work could be vastly under-reported, according to Occupational Physician, Dr Peter Jezukaitis.
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16 Oct 2017
Asthma Australia Ltd is the new national asthma organisation
Asthma Australia announced today the formation of Asthma Australia Ltd, the new national health charity to better serve the current and future needs of people with asthma and their treating health pro ...
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6 Sep 2017
Changes to the availability of medicines with codeine
Changes to the availability of medicines with codeline
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23 Aug 2017
Executive of the Year award recognises strong leadership supporting Australians with asthma
Danielle Dal Cortivo, CEO of Asthma Foundations ACT and Victoria, has been selected as Executive of the Year in the Canberra Women in Business awards.
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2 May 2017
Australian first: novel approach to help young people control asthma and improve mental health
A new mobile application (app) being launched today, on World Asthma Day, will support young people to manage their asthma and improve their quality of life.
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31 Mar 2017
Asthma Australia activates emergency plan to provide free asthma medication for cyclone affected communities
Asthma Australia is working in partnership with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia to provide information and extra supplies of medication, donated by GSK, to pharmacies in cyclone affected areas. Pe ...
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31 Mar 2017
Survey shows high impact of flu on people with asthma but low vaccination rate amongst children
Asthma Australia is urging people with asthma to be vaccinated against the flu to help them avoid prolonged sickness and time off work and school, based on new survey data.
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21 Mar 2017
Thunderstorm survey results show asthma awareness needed to save lives
The survey responses show many people had asthma symptoms that were totally unexpected and quickly became serious. Because so many did not have an asthma diagnosis, they did not know what was happenin ...
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