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13 Oct 2016
Asthma Australia calls for better care as study shows devastating reality of severe asthma
SYDNEY: A study into the effects of severe asthma shows the devastating impacts of the condition and the need for recognition and understanding by health professionals. Prof Helen Reddel from the Hun ...
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5 Oct 2016
Vitamin D for Asthma – promising outcomes for people with asthma.
A new review on Vitamin D for Asthma made global headlines this month, with high quality evidence showing vitamin D reduced the average number of asthma attacks and risk of hospital admissions. Here i ...
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21 Sep 2016
Why do so many professional athletes have asthma?
How can it be that so many athletes – men and women who run faster and further than the rest of us – suffer from a medical condition that fundamentally limits the body's ability?
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5 Sep 2016
Montelukast latest information
Monteleukast (Singulair) is a highly effective medication, has an excellent safety record and usually is a very safe preventer medication for children with asthma.
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29 Apr 2016
Asthma app - the mobile teaching tool
Asthma Australia launches the Asthma App. As part of Asthma Australia’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our support materials we are switching to digital, and keeping things simp ...
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18 Feb 2016
Facebook Q&A session
Every two months Asthma Australia holds a Q&A session where your questions on a certain topic are answered by experts. The upcoming Q&A is on Wednesday 24 February from 5:30-6:30pm AEDT. The topic i ...
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3 Feb 2016
Back to school asthma spike warning
A SPIKE in asthma hospitalisations when children return to school has prompted a warning for parents to be prepared.
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12 Jan 2016
People with asthma more vulnerable to other conditions
Australians with asthma are more vulnerable to other respiratory conditions.
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23 Nov 2015
New report reveals asthma costs Australia $28bn a year
A new report that highlights the economic cost of asthma shows the condition has far-reaching financial impacts on the government, families and carers of people with asthma.
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