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School sports event checklist

School sports events can be a hectic time for school staff.  Here are some helpful hints on preparations for sports days, carnivals and other events.  Students with asthma are able to fully participate under most circumstances.  Good communication between the home and school will help with preparations for asthma management at such an event.

Many students with asthma experience exercise induced asthma and when off-site there can be new triggers that could contribute to asthma flare-ups for students too.  As always, it is possible a student could have their first ever asthma attack when in the care of school staff.  We advise that you call an ambulance and commence Asthma First Aid (4x4x4) as indicated in the Asthma Emergency Kit if this ever occurs.  As always, prompt treatment for symptoms of an asthma flare-up can prevent worsening symptoms.

Asthma Risk Management Checklist for a sports event

  • Sufficient staff have current training in Asthma First Aid

  • Asthma Emergency Kit/s are checked: medication is in date; two spacers per kit

  • Copy of each students’ Asthma Plan from doctor and parent/carer contact information (This can be managed electronically on smart phones/tablets these days, e.g. Care Monkey see for more information)

  • Depending on the age &/or ability of students with known asthma, either,

    • Parents provide asthma medication device (and spacer where required) to staff prior to excursion
    • Students carry their medication device/s with them

    Medication should be provided in original packaging, clearly labeled with student’s name

  • At the venue, inform all staff and students where to get help in case of an asthma flare-up

  • A student having an asthma flare-up should be sat upright and remain where they are, rather than moving them to a first aid station

  • Inform parent/carer asap when their child has had an asthma flare-up

Staff should ensure that students with diagnosed ‘exercise induced asthma’ take their reliever medication prior to participation as described on their Asthma Plan from the doctor.  Younger children may require some assistance. 

Advice on more specific needs for individual students with asthma and their participation in sports events can be provided by your local Asthma Foundation – phone 1800 ASTHMA (1800 278462)

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