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  • All I want for Christmas is... - Using a spacer with your reliever medicine in an asthma flare-up is as effective as or even better than using a nebuliser; and it’s faster and easier. You’ll probably have fewer side effects too.
  • Asthma Australia Ltd: the beginning of a new era - On 1 October, Asthma Australia Ltd was formed, the new national health charity to better serve the current and future needs of people with asthma and their treating health professionals.
  • 'Tis the Season to be...a change maker? - As the year comes to an end, Asthma Australia looks for your generous support to help us realise our vision of a world without asthma and help to fund research, education and support services.
  • We’re all going on a summer holiday, but are the kids asthma ready too? - It’s almost holiday time, and whether you are staying local or travelling overseas, there are a few steps you can take for an asthma safe, summer holiday with your kids.

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