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Asthma Foundation Queensland and New South Wales is committed to representing the interests of 1 in 9 Australians living with asthma. Our advocacy program seeks to support and lend voice to campaigns to encourage better quality of life for people with asthma.

The Foundation’s advocacy submissions can be viewed here:

Tobacco Control

Smoking and second hand smoke exposure poses a significant risk to public health. For people with asthma, the risk is considerable with exposure to tobacco smoke greatly increasing the likelihood of people developing asthma or worsening their existing condition.

Smoke-free public place and workplace laws are based on recognition of the serious health impacts of smoking and second hand smoke exposure. Asthma Foundation Queensland and New South Wales is committed to advocating for tighter controls on issues related to smoking and second hand smoke exposure for the protection of people with asthma.

Revision of New South Wales Tobacco Strategy (2012-2017), Feb 2017 (PDF 141.8KB)

Strata Schemes Management Regulations 2016, Schedule 3 Model by-laws, Item 9 Smoke Penetration, May 2016 (PDF 251.5KB)

Air Quality

Air pollution poses a significant public health risk and Asthma Foundation Queensland and New South Wales is a strong advocate for clean air, conducting many campaigns on the need to reduce various kinds of air pollution including unflued gas heaters, road tunnels, coal-fired and gas power stations, wood-fired heaters, traffic and bushfire emissions.

Clean Air for NSW, Feb 2017 (PDF 134.5KB)


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