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What we do

Asthma affects 1 in 9 children in Australia and is one of the most common reasons for school absenteeism and for children being admitted to hospital.

The Asthma Swim Program is a successful program unique to the Territory and run by Asthma Foundation NT that aims to provide a lifetime benefit for all participants. This program provides an opportunity for children with asthma to participate in regular physical activity while their families receive support in asthma management.

An asthma educator attends the swim classes each week to provide support and answer questions for parents/carers in a relaxed informal setting. This encourages the development of a relationship with the participating families so that they feel comfortable in discussing asthma management strategies while their children are swimming. It is hoped that this program will provide a lifetime benefit to all participants by establishing a routine of regular exercise along with appropriate asthma management. 


2018 at a Glance

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  • 2.7m Australians have asthma (11% of the population)
  • Approximately 400 Australians die from asthma each year
  • 39,500 Australians hospitalised
  • Only 24% of people with asthma have an Asthma Action Plan
  • 62% of young people have poorly controlled asthma and 52% are at a higher risk of mental illness

Our Partnerships

  • $2.6m new funding for programs and research
  • $1m gift from the Ernest Heine family to develop a world leading telehealth coaching program
  • $100k Hudsons Coffee come on board to support asthma research
  • 38 health organisations partner to deliver services

Our reach - Australia's most trusted source of asthma information

  • 2,300 schools and community organisations trained in asthma risk management
  • 38,000 teaching staff trained in asthma first aid - 10% via our new online training portal
  • 3,425 health professional trained face to face and online

Our impact (2018 Annual Report)

  • 3.6k incoming helpline interactions
  • 32k+ members of Asthma Assist - our free information service that aims to help people better manage their asthma
  • 17.3k staff trained in our Asthma School's First Aid Training, with 44% from disadvantaged areas
  • 68% of COACH participants had a clinically significant improvement in their Asthma Control Score (a clinical improvement is an Asthma Control Score of three points or more)
  • 13 clinical, basic science, and population health research projects supported by our National Research Program

Our online profile (2018 Annual Report)

  • 500k website users at 
  • 11.6m media reach
  • 42k Facebook followers with a reach of 5.9m
  • 3.3k Twitter followers with a reach of 9.4m

Our finances (2018 Annual Report)

  • $9.51m ‚Äčtotal income

Where the money came from:

  • 38% government funding
  • 32% fundraising
  • 18% trading income
  • 13% investments

How it was spent:

  • 61% direct services
  • 25% business operations
  • 8% fundraising
  • 5% research grants


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