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Participate in asthma research

You might be interested in volunteering or participating in asthma research to help find a cure or investigate new treatments.

Some research studies conducted to find possible causes or treatments for asthma, or to investigate social or psychological aspects of the condition, require human involvement. These are known as clinical trials.

Clinical trials are research studies that are carefully designed to answer specific questions concerning the safety and effectiveness of a drug, treatment, or diagnostic method, or to find ways to improve patients' quality of life.

Clinical trials allow researchers to find out how different patients respond to treatments while carefully monitoring the health and safety of the patients who volunteer. All new medical treatments for asthma must go through the clinical trial process before they can be approved for sale or general use. For example research into the potential causes of asthma and related conditions could require lung function tests to look at differences between asthmatics and non-asthmatics. Such studies require volunteers.

Clinical research must be approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee before volunteers can be asked to participate.

On this page we display some asthma studies currently being conducted which require volunteer participants.

Please be aware that Asthma Australia plays no role in these studies other than to provide a means of recruiting potential study participants. We cannot give any guarantees about the quality or the outcomes of the studies, and ask that any interested volunteers contact the researchers directly with questions they may have.

Here are some of the research projects available:

Asthma Research Trials

Effect of immune milk proteins on eczema
The benefits of being in the study are that you will have your eczema assessed by a Dermatologist, r ...
Experiences of severe asthma (market research)
Market research for people who have been diagnosed with severe asthma and their carers to understan ...
Mild asthma treatment
A study looking for people to research the effects of mild asthma treatment

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