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Six steps to success with your puffer and spacer

Asthma puffers are designed to help medicines to get down into the airways where they work to help your asthma, but they are best used with a spacer. These are the top six tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your puffer and spacer.

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Use a spacer

Spacers are for both adults and children.  Children always need to use a spacer for all medications that come in a puffer.  Adults should always use a spacer with preventer medication in a puffer and with reliever medication whenever possible.  Using a spacer with a puffer gets more medicine into the lungs and makes it easier to take.

Check your puffer contains medication

Some puffers have counters letting you know how many puffs are left, but reliever puffers and some preventers do not.  To test if your inhaler is empty, shake it and spray it into the air.  You should see a cloud of medication spray out.  Always make sure you have extra reliever puffers and a spare preventer on hand.   

Shake your puffer

Shake the puffer vigorously before inhaling and between each dose.  If you need to take more than one dose of a puffer, shake the puffer again and repeat the process.

Completely empty your lungs

Try to breathe out completely to empty your lungs before taking a puff of medication through your spacer.  Emptying your lungs of air allows you to inhale as much medication as possible.  Young children using the four breath technique will not be able to do this.

One puff at a time

Your spacer is designed to hold only one puff at a time.  If you need to take more than one dose, shake the puffer again and then fire one puff into the spacer. 

Keep your tongue and teeth out of the way

Put the spacer into your mouth above your tongue and between your teeth and form a lip seal.  Young children may use a face mask with a spacer.

Want more information? Using a different device to take your medication? Check out our videos on different delivery devices here or call 1800 ASTHMA (1800 278 462).  


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