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Working with your local Asthma Foundation

Patient Education Referral Service

Refer your patients to our Patient Education Referral Service for additional quality asthma education and support. Read all the details about the service here.

From July 2016, Asthma Australia will be using The COACH Program in a world first for asthma - with a new asthma module. To learn about this service, please click here.

To refer you currently have three options:

  1. Complete the referral webform below, or
  2. Download to your PC and complete the Patient Education Referral Service form (PDF 84.9KB)
     - Return using the SUBMIT FORM button on the form, or
     - Email to, or
     - Fax to 07 3257 1080
  3. Complete the form within Best Practice clinical software.
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The Patient Education Referral Service

We provide evidence-based, user friendly information and support to help patients better understand and manage their asthma, and answer any questions that might arise in between GP or health care professional visits.

Your patient will receive a phone call (within two working days of referral) from one of our Helpline staff to discuss their asthma control and any specific issues. We work with your patient providing education and support, and assist with goal setting. The aim is to ensure people have the knowledge and understanding to practice good asthma self-management.

Asthma Foundations use the Asthma Control Test, a validated tool, to measure current asthma control, and aim to work with your patient to improve control, in conjunction with their regular GP or health care professional.

The COACH Program

The COACH Program leads the world with its evidence-based, award winning coaching prevention program for people with chronic disease or at high risk of chronic disease.

The COACH Program is a structured telephone and mail-out delivered coaching program for people with chronic disease or at high risk of chronic disease in which trained Asthma Foundation staff (“coaches”) coach people to achieve national guideline recommended target levels for their particular risk factors.

For further information regarding the COACH Program, click here

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