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Strategic direction

Asthma Australia is the nation’s peak asthma body. Following a six month consultation with Asthma Foundations; people with asthma; their families and carers; donors; researchers and medical professionals Asthma Australia is pleased to release its 5 year Corporate Plan

Cure | Care | Community

We are challenged and excited by the opportunity to become driven by our values:

Pioneering | Tenacious | Progressive | Transforming | Liberating | Reflective

We are well lead by competent, dedicated and caring Boards and lead by driven and professional CEOs. We are supported and endorsed by some of the world’s leading asthma health care professionals and researchers. Our staff and volunteers are leaders in their fields and together we strive to deliver excellence every day for people with asthma.

Our five year strategic horizon seeks to build on the 50 year history of Asthma Foundations and continue our recent organisational reform. We will be stronger, more focused and sustainable organisations in five years time.

Three key priority strategic ends are:

  1. People with asthma are our most important strategic priority. Asthma Australia and its Foundations have implemented a comprehensive review and evaluation of programs and services to measure their impact. We will translate research and evidence into practice. Asthma Australia will be ethic in how we work with people with asthma. Our 50 year commitment to research will be further strengthened by the National Research Council will all Foundations participating in this exciting activity.
  2. Asthma Australia and its Foundations speak to more people every year and train more health professionals than any other asthma organisation. Our new unified communications plan will strengthen our brand, enhance our presence in the community and build stronger connections with donors, funders and the broader community. As part of our five year plan, we continue our proud tradition as the voice for and on behalf of people with asthma and health professionals. Our key focus areas include government investment in asthma as a national health priority; cost of medications and air quality.
  3. Asthma Foundations are critical providers of services in their communities and Asthma Australia will enable excellence in service delivery, governance, communication, human resource management and financial sustainability. We will reduce duplication and improve efficiency by working collaboratively with each State and Territory Board to ensure donations are optimised and well spent. We will be a top ten charity in the health sector and an employer of choice by 2018.


Asthma Australia Constitution (PDF 93KB)

Asthma Australia five year strategic plan (PDF 599.7KB)

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