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What we do

2016 at a Glance

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  • 2.5m Australians have asthma (11% of the population)
  • Approximately 400 Australians die from asthma each year
  • 39,500 Australians hospitalised
  • Only 24% of people with asthma have an Asthma Action Plan
  • 62% of young people have poorly controlled asthma and 52% are at a higher risk of mental illness

Our Partnerships

  • $2.6m new funding for programs and research
  • $1m gift from the Ernest Heine family to develop a world leading telehealth coaching program
  • $100k Hudsons Coffee come on board to support asthma research
  • 38 health organisations partner to deliver services

Our reach - Australia's most trusted source of asthma information

  • 2,300 schools and community organisations trained in asthma risk management
  • 38,000 teaching staff trained in asthma first aid - 10% via our new online training portal
  • 3,425 health professional trained face to face and online

Our impact

  • 61.6% of people accessing our community support program improved their asthma score by 5 or more points
  • With the National Asthma Council Australia we lobbied Government to implement a new National Asthma Strategy
  • 10 research projects worth $1.35m committed to asthma research 

Our online profile

  • 1.1m visits to 
  • 4.5m media impressions on social media

Our finances

  • $4.56m net income (2015, as reported)
  • $4.45m expenditure
  • $107k surplus (excluding research)
  • 13.7% administration costs
  • 70% project and research costs
  • 60% income through government funding
  • 40% income raised in the community

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