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Hi my name is *Emily.

I was just nine years old when my brother Peter died from an asthma attack.

He was playing with his friends before school when he tried to tell them something was wrong, but he couldn’t speak or breathe.

The ambulance took him to hospital, but he never came back.

I think about him every day and I miss him terribly. I like to draw pictures of him and give them to Mum and Dad.

Sometimes I hear them talking to my older sister about taking her medicine and how it’s dangerous for her to go out without her puffer.

You see she has asthma too, and Mum and Dad are always worried about her.

Mum says her greatest hope and dream is that someday research will find new treatments and a cure for all people with asthma.

When I get sad about Peter, I look at my drawings of him and am reminded that there is hope.

Hope that one day soon, my Mum and Dad won’t have to worry about losing my sister, and that she will be able to breathe easy.

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*Emily’s story is based on real events: only the names have been changed to protect the family.

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