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Melbourne Pollen Count


The School of Botany at the University of Melbourne and the Asthma Foundation Victoria offer a service that forecasts the level of pollen in the air. Forecast courtesy of Pollen forecasts alert those who suffer from hay fever and seasonal asthma of the likelihood of being exposed to high levels of grass pollen, enabling sufferers to take preventative measures in danger periods.

Today's Pollen Count

Today's pollen count (Thursday 1st December 2016) for 24 hours prior to 15:30 (low, moderate, high or extreme):


Details of average concentration of grass /all kinds of pollen for 24 hours prior to 15:30 today: 3/24 grains per cubic meter of air recorded.


Date: Forecast:
Friday 2 Dec 2016  Low 
Saturday 3 Dec 2016  Low 
Sunday 4 Dec 2016  High 
Monday 5 Dec 2016  High
Tuesday 6 Dec 2016 Moderate
Wednesday 7 Dec 2016  Moderate


Pollen Count Classification

Classification Grass Pollen Grains
(per cubic meter of air)
Low Low 0 to 19 
Moderate Moderate
20 to 49
High High 50 to 99
Extreme Extreme
> 100


Please Note: On High/Extreme days, it is likely that all who are grass pollen-sensitive will experience hay fever symptoms.

The Asthma Foundation thanks the School of BioSciences at The University of Melbourne for collecting the samples and analysing the collected material to provide the Pollen Count Forecast. 



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