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Victorian Asthma Action Plans

The Asthma Foundation of Victoria in consultation with the Department of Education, Catholic Schools and Independent Schools, have developed children's service and school specific Asthma Action Plans. This is to meet the needs of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006, the Education and Training Reform Regulations 2007 and the Schools Policy Advisory Guide.

These plans are designed to complement the child’s Asthma Management Plan, whether it be the National Asthma Council’s Asthma Action Plan, or Asthma Australia’s Asthma Care Plan in an Education and Care Setting.

The Victoria Asthma Action Plans, have been developed to assist staff members identify the students asthma signs and symptoms including their severity and what action needs to be taken in regards to administering the child’s asthma reliever medication. 

Please refer to important information at the bottom of this page for more information about these Action Plans.

Different Types of Action Plans

It is important to note that these are all medical documents and therefore must be completed and signed by the treating Doctor  or Nurse Practitioner where appropriate. To save Victoria Asthma Action Plans
that have patient details typed into the text fields you need to "save as" and save to document with a new name (e,g including the patient name).


Puffer_Spacer Asthma Action Plan - for Salbutamol when using a puffer 
 and spacer

 Puffer and Spacer Asthma Action Plan (PDF 151.9KB)

 Puffer and Spacer Asthma Action Plan (black and white) (PDF 66.2KB)


Puffer Asthma Action Plan - for Salbutamol when using a puffer

 Puffer Asthma Action Plan (PDF 146.5KB)



 BricanylAsthma Action Plan - for Bricanyl Turbuhaler

 Bricanyl Asthma Action Plan (PDF 144.5KB)




Symbicort Asthma Action Plan - for Symbicort Turbuhaler
 (Health Professional to insert dose)

 Symbicort Turbuhaler Asthma Action Plan (PDF 147.1KB)



 Asthma Action Plan - for Symbicort Rapihaler 
 (Health Professional to insert dose)

 Symbicort Rapihaler with Spacer Asthma Action Plan (PDF 140.2KB)



 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Answers

Q1: Why has another type of Action Plan been developed?

The Department of Education and Training approached The Asthma Foundation of Victoria to develop a unified Asthma Action Plan for Victorian Schools. Feedback they had been receiving from schools and parents was that there are many different types and formats of Action Plans being provided to schools, and staff members were becoming confused. A lengthy consultation process involving schools from all three school sectors, Government, Catholic and Independent, was undertaken and the Victorian Asthma Action Plans were produced.

Q2: Can schools or parents complete an Asthma Action Plan for their students or children?

No. The Asthma Action Plan for Victoria Schools have been developed as medical documents and must be completed, signed and dated by the patient's medical doctor. If copies are required the original signed copy should be colour photocopied or scanned.

Q3: Is it possible to obtain an electronic copy of the Asthma Action Plan so that the child's information can be inserted by parents or school/childcare staff?

No. The Victorian Asthma Action Plans have been developed in a PDF format to ensure the documents are concise, consistent and easily understood. They now have fields that can be directly typed into by the treating doctor, but not by parents, or school, as they are medical documents.

Q4: How often does an Asthma Action Plan need to be updated?

Asthma Action Plans should be reviewed when patients are reassessed by their doctor, and approximately every 12 months. If there are no changes in diagnosis or management the medical information on the Asthma Action Plan may not need to be updated. However, if the patient is a child, the photo should be updated each time, so they can be easily identified. The Victorian Asthma Action Plan includes the date of next Action Plan review.

Q5: Do I have to complete an Action Plan, if the child only has seasonal asthma, or asthma symptoms when they have a cold?

Yes, any time asthma medication is prescribed and expected to be taken at school or the children's service, it must by law be accompanied by a medical management plan. If the health professional is concerned about diagnosing the child with asthma, it is recommended that they put a shorter review date on the action plan, and write a covering letter to the school or children's service explaining the expected time frame the child will need reliever medication

Q6: When do we need to start using these Asthma Action Plans?

Schools can start to transition to these Asthma Action Plans now, as with the Action Plans released in 2016, there should only be a transition period of a year. It is hoped that no further changes will be made now, unless something major occurs.

Q7: What changes have been made to the Action Plans from 2016 version?

Although feedback provided by schools during the initial consultation was they preferred the look of the ASCIA Action Plan for Anaphylaxis, after the roll out into schools, some staff were starting to get confused between the two. The layout has changed so that all the students details are on the top edge instead of the side, additional changes made due to feedback from schools and the inquest are;

  • Information on what to do if the child has been diagnosed with allergy / anaphylaxis and asthma has been moved to the top of the Action Plan
  • An additional tick box has been added for if a child also needs to use a facemask with their spacer
  • An area for child specific signs and symptoms has been included
  • The writable blue reliever puffer and pre-filled 4 x4 x4 plans have been merged into one Action Plan that the Doctor can adjust as needed

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