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Asthma Foundation Victoria has a range of publications and resources with up-to-date asthma information to help you support student's in the school community

If you have specific questions about these resources call our information line on 1800 ASTHMA (1800 278 462) or use our online form.


Asthma First Aid Posters

A4 Size Poster (PDF 59.5KB)

A3 Size Poster (PDF 60KB)

Other Posters

Exercise Induced Broncoconstriction Management Plan (PDF 918KB)

ASCIA General Action Plan (PDF 246.6KB)

Supporting Documents

Victorian Schools Model Policy (PDF 356.4KB)

Asthma Risk Minimisation Plan Template (DOCX 61.1KB)

Asthma Friendly Recognition Checklist (PDF 479.7KB)

Asthma Emergency Kit Medication Log Card (PDF 146.2KB)

Nebulisers in Victorian Schools (PDF 247.9KB)

Student Health Plans

Camp and Excursion Medical Update Plan (PDF 236.2KB)

DET Student Health Support Plan (DOC 90KB)

Booking Form

ACAP Booking Form (PDF 723KB)

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