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Asthma Assist Registration

Need help with your asthma?  Register for Asthma Assist today - take the first step in taking control!

Asthma Assist a is free asthma information and support service provided by your local Asthma Foundation.  Register today and take the first step in taking control of your asthma!  You can choose to receive Asthma control Packs, e-newsletters, Asthma Update Magazine and access our Follow up Asthma Education Service where we work with you to help you improve your asthma over time.

Asthma Assist keeps you up-to-date with the latest asthma research, treatments and medications as well as local Asthma Foundation activities and events in your area.

Who should sign up?

Asthma Assist is for people with asthma, and/or their carers.

To find out more ring 1800 ASTHMA Helpline and ask about registering for Asthma Assist or complete the form below.

Register for Asthma Assist

Congratulations on taking the first step to better managing your asthma! Registering with Asthma Assist includes: a free subscription to our e-newsletter, a free Asthma Control Pack, a free first aid magnet, updates from both Asthma Australia and your local Asthma Foundation.

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