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Like almost half a million other Australian children, ten year old Angus has asthma.  He didn't have it under control.  His life was being defined by his asthma.  His Mum and Dad looked for help and support.  Living in a regional community they had to travel to get that support.  Then they found Asthma Australia.

Now, with the help of Asthma Australia and our education, services and support systems, Angus now has his asthma under control.  He and his parents now have the support they need.  His life is his own again.

Donate now to Asthma Australia so we can continue to support asthma research, and provide support, services and education to the 2.5 million Australians with asthma.

Your donation will also help children like Angus better manage their asthma and reclaim their lives.

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